Hitachi Plans 940GB Storage Cartridges Using Blu-ray Discs

isn’t the only things Hitachi’s doing today. They’ve just shown off their Stacked Volumetric Optical Discs (SVOD) technology which puts slim DVDs into a large cartridge that holds 940GB.

The DVD carts hold a hundred 9.4GB discs, which will get bumped up to 50GB discs once they perfect the dual-layer technology. That means more nearly 5TB of space in a 6.4cm cartridge. Pretty amazing when you think about how much pornography you can fit on there. These should go on sale in early 2007 and cost around $340 for one 940GB cartridge.

Hitachi planning super data catridge by squeezing 100 Blu-Ray discs [New Launches via Mobile mag]