Vonage V-Phone: USB Dongle with Vonage

If you’re one of those types who prefer Vonage over Skype, and you’re also the type who’s on the go often, then you’re probably the type to appreciate this USB phone from Vonage. You’ve been able to order it for awhile now, but it’s shipping from Vonage’s site now.

It’s not a traditional phone, but cool nonetheless. The V-Phone is a USB dongle, much like a thumb drive, that contains the Vonage Talk software and your contact list pre-loaded. Plug in the included headset, use the PC to dial your booty call, and you’re all set. The PC is used more as an interface, which is a rather nice idea.

The USB phone has its own Vonage number, which is a little odd, but presumably you can change it to your own. And at less than $40, it’s not a bad way to start Vonaging now.

Vonage V-Phone [Product Page]