Konami's Digital Life Lineup

Digital Life is just around the corner, and for those of us who live and breathe video games, it’s a damn exciting time. Other than Wii remotes flying around and functioning Playstation 3 units(hopefully), you can expect game developers to bring some highly anticipated titles to the show floor. Right now, there is one game almost every gamer out there is waiting for: Konami’s (and Kojima’s) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. But MGS4 will not be the only great game Konami will be bringing to the show floor.

For the Nintendo DS, Konami will be showing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Xiolin Showdown, WINX 2: Quest for the Codex and My Frogger Toy Trials. No word on Lunar Knights, but I hope rpg fans (me) get a taste of this one. For Playstation 2, Konami will show Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA, Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 and Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol. PSP fans may finally get some comfort in knowing that Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops will be shown on the show floor. Nothing too exciting for the Xbox 360, we’ll only be seeing Dance Dance Revolution Universe and Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007.

For the upcoming consoles, the hide-and-seek game Elebits, for the Nintendo Wii, will be making an appearance. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but I think we’ll try anything to get our hands on the Wii remote. Konami didn’t mention anything about Playstation 3, but we know Hellboy and Coded Arms: Assault are both coming for the console next year. I guess Konami thinks we’ll all be too caught up in MGS4 to notice, and it’s right.

Konami Game Lineup [conference page]