Logitech NuLOOQ Freed From Bundling

Logitech’s NuLOOQ, a handy dandy device for zipping your way around projects in Adobe Creative Suite 2, was originally released only as part of a bundle with the Adobe suite and just support for Mac OS X. The peripheral manufacturer announced the NuLOOQ’s emancipation from said bundle and has added Windows XP support.

If you’re not familiar with the wonders of the NuLOOQ, it’s a small USB controller-type thing that gives you two-finger navigation left, right, up, down, clockwise and counter clockwise via its Navring. A touch-sensitive, circular disk can be set to quickly adjust tools such as changing between brush sizes. It also has five programmable shortcut buttons that, depending on what app you’re in, will automatically switch to different commands of your liking. Logitech’s added support for software outside of Adobe CS 2, so you can use it with just about anything you want.

It’s available now and selling for $80.

Logitech NuLOOQ [Product Page]