T-Mobile's Dash: $249 Smartphone for Everyone

, has been kicked down to Engadget Mobile from one of their long-time sources, and things are looking good.

At $249 at the low-end and $349 at the high-end (no contract required there, buckaroo!), you get a lot of smartphone for not a lot of clams. To refresh your memories, that’s a WiFi-enabled, QWERTY-sporting, Windows Mobile 5: Smartphone edition-running, myFaves-compatable slim board of loveliness.

T-Mo is aiming this puppy at first-time smartphone buyers who don’t want to commit yet to the world of touchscreen goodness, but still want most of the smartphone features in an easy-to-use form factor. Look for the Dash to be everywhere within just a few months.

T-Mobile Dash pricing leaked, myFaves confirmed
[Engadget Mobile]