Windows Mobile "Crossbow" Screenshot on The Web

Many PDA and smartphone lovers prefer Windows Mobile over Foldger’s Crystals, and they’re all in a tizzy about the next generation of the OS, currently codenamed “Crossbow.” When it hits the streets, it will likely be called Windows Mobile 6, and based on this leaked pic from MS Mobiles, it looks pretty slick.

The Web 2.0-esque look seems very Vista-rific, and word around the hot tub is that it will feature a folder browser lifted straight from Vista. Microsoft has said before that it will most likely be releasing a new version of WinMo every year or so, and it’ll be up to the carriers and device manufacturers to keep handhelds up-to-date.

Look for Windows Mobile 6 to drop in a couple of flavors early next year, as Microsoft getting ready to ship Crossbow to device makers right now.

New Windows Mobile “Crossbow” Shows its Face [MS Mobiles]