Samsung Intros SSD-Based Notebook

Samsung goodness just keeps rolling along. In Korea, the manufacturer of all things slick has announced it’s going to put Solid State Drive notebooks into production, and already have the specs of one on its Korean website.

For those not in the know, SSD (Solid State Disk) notebooks run the operating system out of NAND RAM, the same memory that your iPod Nano or digital camera uses. This type of memory has several advantages over traditional hard drives, such as lighter weight, lower power consumption, no moving parts (less to break) and faster read/write speeds. The overall effect on its new Q30 SSD notebook is that they would be faster, lighter, last longer per charge and be less prone to data-loss. Not a bad upgrade at all.

It’s not certain that these new notebooks are headed to the States, but you can be sure that in the next year you’ll start seeing SSD notebooks of some sort on US store shelves.

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