Sony NW-S203F MP3 Playing Pedometer Reviewed

The vial-like Sony NW-S203F is notable not only because it looks like a marital-aid, it also comes with a pedometer. That’s right, you can use its 1GB for listening to music as you run, but you can also use it for tracking how well you ran as well. If you’re a blogger like us, not very well.

The controls work by twisting the knob right or left, and slid up or down into three positions. You can then either skip folders, hold, or browse menu items depending on which position it’s in. There’s also a feature that changes playlists depending on your running pace – which can’t be turned off – so it can be a cool feature or make you really want to shove this thing up someone’s ass.

Unfortunately you can’t upload the data to a computer after you’re done running, and you can’t use Bluetooth headphones, but there is an FM tuner and a 16 hour battery life. So it’s more of an amateur’s running gadget, as opposed to the Nike+iPod John reviewed.

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