Sprint Loophole Allows for Early Exits

If you read the fine-print of your iron-clad Sprint wireless service contract, you’ll note a small clause that states that if Sprint makes a “material change” to your service, then you can exit the contract without paying any penalties. That’s fairly common boilerplate talk in these sorts of contracts, though now we’re guessing Sprint had wished it’d thought it out.

They’ve changed the price of its per-text-message fee from $.10 to $.15 per message. While this would normally just be grounds for grumbling, as it is only five cents, it’s actually an increase of 50%. That, dear readers, is material. This means you can dump your contract with the CDMA provider at no additional cost, Sprint has handed you a get out of jail free card. Now would be a good time to use it, as you’ve got until the date of change (October 31st) to make good on it, else you’ve “accepted the change”.

Sprint Rate Hike Means Penalty-Free Cancellation [CBS 13]