Best Buy Adds Insignia NS-DV2G, DV4G To Site, Cheap Bastards Rejoice

We missed this yesterday, but Best Buy added two Insignia music players to its online shopping site: the 2GB NS-DV2G and 4GB NS-DV4G. Despite having some decent spec-age (2.2-inch high-resolution color LCD, built-in FM tuner, microSD expansion slot, up to 20 hours of playback time, Windows/Mac compatible, support for JPEG photos and MPEG4 video) these things look like they’ve been topped off with a whack from the ugly stick. Oh, and with prices at $119 and $149, we can’t imagine what chintzy materials they’re made from. But hey, if you’re broke and you want some video and music action in your pocket, this should do the trick for a little while at least.

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