Sony-Ericsson Z558 Coming to America

has been approved by the FCC. The Z558, you might recall, is a basic clamshell save for the dope touchscreen and stylus. As this phone was originally meant for the Chinese market, (touchscreens seem easier for Chinese characters,) we never expected to see it stateside. Why would we need a touchscreen when we have T9?

Apparently Sony-Ericsson thought we would. This is another mingling of high-end features in low-end phones, much like the Nokia 6085. It might just be that phone makers have been cramming too many features into phones and making them too expensive. By having phones with one or two special features each, consumers can pick just the ones they want. This could be a trend, and a way to get our parents to use their phones for more than phone calls.

FCC approves Sony-Ericsson Z558 Cell Phone [Mobile Whack]