Bluetooth Group Develops TransSend Protocol – Saves Data to Mobile Devices

The new TransSend specification from the Bluetooth group lets you send data from a web page to a mobile device quickly and easily, all from just clicking an icon from a web page. It works by installing a bit of software on your PC that then recognizes a TransSend button (or protocol) or activate the TransSend feature, which then searches for Bluetooth devices in range and sends the data to the one you choose.

Possible applications are sending calendar appointments, contact entries, and text data to your mobile organizer. Imagine going to the CES website, then clicking an icon to TransSend the CES dates onto your PDA or mobile phone to automatically schedule that block of time. Also, visiting Ray Ozzie’s blog would have an icon to enter his contact information onto your phone so you can call him up an berate him on the slowness of Windows Vista’s launch.

New Bluetooth Protocol Saves PC Data To PDAs, Phones [Extreme Tech]