CrunchGear Gets Up-Close and Personal with Zunes

Cesar Menendez, our brother blogger over at Zune Insider, was nice enough to invite us to a little Pre-Zuning at the Souped Up Cafe, where he was holding a little meet-up for all the Zune fanboys in the Seattle area. In addition, he was nice enough to let us snap a few pics of the hardware (pics of the interface were a no-no, it’s still a work-in-progress) he’d brought with him.

We were expecting a singular Zune so we could get you guys some gear-porn (don’t pretend you don’t like it), but our man from Redmond brought three Zune’s, one of each of the launch colors. So below we have a few snapshots of the Zunes (we think there should be a better pluralization than “Zunes”, but we’ll leave that for later), and a hardcore video slideshow to keep you guys salivating until November 14, when, of course, you guys can get yours for $249.99.

Photos by Michael Ragen

Music by Speaker Speaker