Dell Announces TVs, Printers, And Overclockable XPS M1710 Notebook

At the Digital Life show in New York, Dell announced a slew of products, including high-definition LCDs, all-in-one printers, a widescreen LCD monitor, and a refreshed M1710 gaming laptop. The company also said it’s enhanced its Dell MediaDirect technology. MediaDirect lets you play music and view photos and videos stored on your laptop without booting into Windows. The feature will now allow users to view PowerPoint presentations and Outlook and Outlook Express contacts and calendars, as well. If you’ve never used a notebook with this ability, I highly recommend it, especially if you tend to use your laptop as an entertainment device on a regular basis.

While the LCDs and printers have some nice specs and features, the XPS M1710 deserves special mention because Dell has done a solid job catering to the gaming community on this model. Nvidia’s 512MB GeForce Go 7950 GTX card is now an option, as is Intel’s first-rate Core 2 Duo T7600G processor. And the rep I spoke with said if you’re into tweaking the BIOS, the CPU can be overclocked, which considering the relative slimness (for a desktop replacement) of the M1710’s body is pretty incredible. The 17.1-inch widescreen has a resolution of 1,920×1,200 and extra touches like the customizable 16-color LightFX lighting technology that now strobe, pulse or fade to the beat of a song or during certain actions while gaming make it a truly top-notch mobile gaming/entertainment system.

Dell Expands Digital Entertainment Portfolio [Press Release]