Speaker Dock for Musicphones Gets It Right

With the official tally of generic iPod speaker docks now at 1,233,359, it takes something unique to catch our eye – and unique is exactly what the new Mobile Phone Sound Station from Trust is. You see, it’s strong enough for an iPod, but made for a phone.

The speaker dock has attachments to work with your Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson musicphone as well as your iPod or other DAP. We don’t see many speaker docks aimed at musicphones (our word), and this one adds a cool feature: when your phone is in the dock, you can use your PC to manage your phone’s files (songs, ring tones, phone book, photos) without having to use the flimsy USB cable that it came with (and you promptly lost). Oh, and to make it even tastier, the Mobile Phone Sound Station also works as a speakerphone when you get an incoming call. We likey.

Trust Mobile Sound Station does DAPs, Too [Mobile Mag]