Lego Ice Tray: Make Frozen H2O Legos!

We could use these new Lego ice trays to make Lego ice cubes and build a Fortress of Solitude for our Superman Returns action figure, but we have a better idea.

We’re going to fill them up with vodka and Jell-O mix (cherry) to build a Castle of Inebriation, a citidel impenetrable to the likes of the Soldiers of Sobriety! At fist dawn, we’ll join the Bloody Mary Militia and fight for freedom from hangovers!

Or perhaps we’ll just make ice that we can play with in our drinks. We’ll be sure to get the matching coasters so the blocks cubes don’t go sliding all over the table. We just wish the ice tray had shapes other than the standard Lego cube, but it’s a start.

Also, it’s a great gag gift for Eskimos.

Lego Ice Cubes Tray [Product Page, via Shiny Shiny]