Obey Hangover Wallet Includes Bottle Opener

If Andre the Giant wants us to be able to open our beer wherever we are, who are we to say no? The guys at Obey Clothing have put together this stylish wallet designed in line with their own “Propoganda Engineering” fashion line. Besides the window for your ID and a place for your kids’ photo, it’s got a handy beer key. This thing screams hipster louder than a line of coke at a Ladytron concert. Even Kevin Federline could increase his hip quotient by thirty points (we know, just a drop in the bucket) if we saw him with one of these.

The Hangover Wallet is sturdy, and currently unavailable on Amazon. If it were, it’d be great for when you want to look smooth while looking hip (pulling anything from the guys at Obey out of your pocket gets noticed by those in the know). And, once your wallet is out to open her beer, it’s easy enough to grab a slip for her phone number.

Obey Hangover Wallet with Beer Opener [Liquor Snob, via Dethroner]