Creepy Crawly Remote Controlled Tarantulas

Since it’s getting close to All Hallow’s Eve (that’s Halloween to you, bub), we thought it would be nice to show you the bestest gadget we’ve seen so far this year for scaring the skirts off of your friends.

These little remote controlled tarantulas are scary-looking just standing there, but imagine the fright on the faces of your friends and foes as these ferocious plastic arachnids scamper around the corner into the living room as they watch “The Wire”. Each leg is actuated independently, and they’re sized to the spiders that inspired them, so the look is (hopefully) realistic enough to scare about anybody.

People are scared of spiders, and it is your patriotic duty to prey on those fears. If you’re going to really have fun this Halloween, do it with gadgets, right?

Remote-controlled Tarantulas [, via Gear Log]