Remote Control Lantern for Lazy, Shiftless Campers

We remember reading a Popular Science from the late sixties we found at our grandparent’s place that dealt with “camping in the future”. Most of their predictions have not come true: sure, we have self-assembling tents, but we don’t take “food pills” instead of trail mix, and my Ultra-Sonic Bear Repelling Rocket Swiss Army Belt must have been lost in the mail.

One thing they didn’t predict in the sixties was our current involvement with being lazy as hell. Take this remote control personal size lantern. It’s much like any lantern you’d take camping, in that its battery-powered and features a fluorescent bulb, but it also comes with a remote control, so you don’t even have to unzip you’re space-aged sleeping bag to get some sleep.

Roughing it, indeed. $26 from Coleman.
Coleman Remote Lantern [Oh, Gizmo!]