All iPod Games Reviewed, Graded

a couple of weeks ago, and introduced movies to iTunes, it also gave the world cellphone-style games to play on the music machines. A distraction at best, the games are just as we like them: fun and cheap, like our Homecoming date was.

Our pals over at iLounge have put together a collection of reviews about all the games Apple offers for iPod, so we don’t have to. We personally recommend Tetris on your iPod, as the click-wheel adds a new dimension to our Mom’s favorite video game.

Edit: While I was at Digital Life, I met with Namco to view some of the games it will soon be releasing. Pac-Man has found his way to the iPod, where he will munch dots and flee from ghosts in the same time diverting fashion you’ve come to love. One cool feature of these iPod games is that users can still listen to their music while playing the games. – Blake

All iPod 5G Games Reviewed [iLounge]