Griffin's USB Powered Knob Turns Up Whatever

We know this is, like, a million Internet years old, but we’ve never featured it before, and we know it’ll be new to a lot of our readers. It’s a knob. That’s all, just a knob. It’s from Griffin, is USB, and programmable, so you can use it as a volume knob, or as an old-school shuttle control for video editing, but it’s still just a knob. You could possibly use it to clock-up your MacBook to egg-frying temperatures, a handy solution to cramped dorm situations (we’re joking, don’t try this).

It has a blue LED status indicator that gives you feedback in the form of light intensity as you increase the level of whatever you’re increasing the level of. We’re going to plug it in and tie it to our “noise” app, so we can “turn up the noise” more easily. But, then, we’re clever like that.

Griffin PowerMate MultiMedia Controller
[Griffin, via Chip Chick]