Linksys WRT350N 802.11n Gigabit Router

Not only does this WRT350N have MIMO draft-802.11n routing capabilities, which means you can get next-generation’s wireless today, it’s a gigabit router as well, so you can transfer your files around your network home network at speeds The Flash would be envious of.

All this wireless and wired speed can help you connect your various PCs together in a Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney Ebony and Ivory network eden, but can it help add storage to your network? Yes. Yes it can.

Using Storage Link, you can stick any USB 2.0-capable external hard drive into the router and the WRT350N will immediately pick up and place it in a network-accessible address. This means your Windows and Mac boxes can store files there remotely and access them on both wired and wireless.

Although we’d recommend you wait until 802.11n is finalized before switching all your gear to N, early adopters will find this router pretty multi-functional.

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