Pure Digital Camcorder Does Direct Uploads

Pure Digital has upgraded its inexpensive corner-store camcorder to let you capture video and get it up on the web in three steps. Now before you get all excited, the uploading experience is not as direct as you may think. The Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder (30 minutes, $129; 60 minutes, $169) now has software that lets you get the video off the camera via USB connection to your Windows or Mac PC and upload it directly to sharing websites Google Video or Grouper Networks. The bundled software also does one-step e-mailing, video greeting cards and custom-edited movie mixes. The cameras will be in stores in November.

What I really want to know is how far off am I from being able to pop into a Target, CVS or RiteAid, grab a camera for under $200, make a video of my friends doing illegal activities and upload them wirelessly at a hotspot to a video-sharing site?

Pure Digital