Verizon Going MAXX With Big, Fat RAZR

ubiquitous RAZR phone, out now for almost two years, is getting long in the tooth? Do you retire it, hoping people will love its successor, the KRZR? No, you take the slim phone, known for being svelte, and make it fatter.

Verizon apparently thinks there’s enough life left in the RAZR brand to bring yet another variant to us, the RAZR MAXX. And, like its name implies, this is the high-end of the RAZR spectrum. The admittedly fake-looking screen aside, look for this thing to be bigger in every way: its sporting a 2-megapixel camera with flash, microSD, EV-DO, “Futuristic Touch Sensitive Music Keys with Elegant Lighting,” and Bluetooth (Verizon-style, natch). Also, if it’s anything like its GSM cousin, look for 2-way video conferencing.

We’ve known about the GSM version for awhile, and it figures that with their new Z-centric letter-themed phones on the horizon, our GSM carriers locally have been hesitant to layout for this beast. But Verizon throws caution to the wind, so look for the big guy to drop before the end of the year.

Motox has a word first!! [Motox, via Engadget Mobile]