Wal*Mart Vs. RIAA: Grudge Match

It’s not often we side with Wal*Mart on anything, but somehow we find ourselves allied with them against a bigger threat, the RIAA, much like when Cobra and G.I. Joe had to join forces against the Gamemaster.

It seems Wal*Mart wants the RIAA to drop pricing of CDs again. This comes after the US Gov’t forced a settlement from the RIAA for price fixing, in the guise of retail collateral racketeering (the RIAA’s labels would withhold marketing materials from retailers who used CDs as a loss leader, which most big box stores do). Now Wal*Mart is telling the RIAA to quit artificially inflating the costs of CDs so they can quit losing money on them.

We’re hoping the lawyers get into a cage match, and that Wal*Mart succeeds, as these prices would be reflected in other retailers, including ones you won’t go to hell for shopping with.

Wal*Mart to RIAA: We’re Not Gonna Take It! [ArsTecnnica]