2006 Machiniama Film Festival, November 2-4

It’s not animation, see, it’s Machinima. It’s not CG, either. Not really. For those not in-the-know with this uber-nerdy new form of film making, Machinima is the art of creating films, either shorts or features, using the physics and rendering engines contained within off-the-shelf computer games. The beauty is that with the limitations imposed by the various games and engines, the creativity is sparked, and some true gems are fashioned.

This means you could take your level editor from Unreal and recreate your favorite scenes from Anaconda (the greatest movie in the WORLD). For it to be true Machinima, all the rendering is done in real-time.

NVIDIA is sponsoring the 2006 Machinima Film Festival, November 2-4 in New York City, where the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences (really) will present this year’s Machinima Awards (the Mackie) to best films of the year.

If you’d like to attend, it will be held over two days at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Look for Anne Hatchet to win for “Best Performance by a Polygon”, and David Wertnerston as a shoe-in for “Best Director of a Film Made Entirely in a Mom’s Basement in Two Days”, with a lifetime achievement award going to Mountain Dew.

2006 Machinima Film Festival [festival.machinima.org]