Apple Ships "Small Number" of 5.5G iPods with Windows Virus (WTF!?)

McDonalds isn’t the only place you can go to get a little extra special sauce with your DAP. Apple, of all people, has accidentally included a Windows-infecting computer virus on “less than 1%” of the 5.5G iPods made after September 12.

So if you run Windows and you purchased a new iPod in the past few weeks, you need to run your anti-virus gear stat, and look for RavMonE.exe, a mid-to-nasty little bug that propagates on mass storage devices.

If you have other iPods or any other devices that mount via USB or FireWire as disks, make sure to include them in your scan.

Are we the only ones that find this funny? We don’t think so. Apple states that it only affects Windows users with a 5.5G iPod, and that Shuffle, Nano, and OS X users are fine. Heh.

Small Number of Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus
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