A Thank You To Readers & Sponsors…

All of us here at TechCrunch are raising a glass to our readers and sponsors for your continued support. Here’s a list of companies who keep the news coming:

Wild Apricot: They automate the daily administrative routines for non-profits such as website management, emailing, member databases, donations, and event registrations. So, if you know a kindly non-profit (club, charity, chamber of commerce) in need of some technical help, point them to Wild Apricot.

LogoJeez: They’re logo experts, and their special October pricing is still happening. Check them out for all you logo, animated logo, stationary, brochure, website, catalog, and labeling needs. They already have a lot of slick logos in their portfolio.

Yoono: Yoono is a great way to discover and share sites on the web. Just download their toolbar (nearly 90,000 already have), and start rediscovering the web.

Faces: Their flagship product Tunefeed is a 100% legal, RSS enabled player you can use to share music with your friends on you website of choice. It will also import you playlists from iTunes, MediaPlayer, WinAmp, Windows Media Center, and Mac OS X.

Edgeio: They have over 100 million listings now, for all kinds of things like jobs, housing, events, autos, merchandise, and even personals.

Fonpods: Get podcasts on your cell by calling (712) 432-3030. Now you can get TalkCrunch on the expensive mobile device you already own.

Text Link Ads: TLA is offering a Feedvertising program that lets you advertise right in your RSS feed. The service is free for publishers and pays a predictable flat advertising rate.

oDesk: If you’re looking for quality programming talent on demand oDesk is your solution. Currently there are some .NET Developers on the service for $15 – $65 per hour. Curious? Check out the online demo.

We also want to thank Media Temple, our fearless hosting provider. We pay for this service but I’m pretty sure they forget to bill us for the occasional traffic spike. Thanks for being such a great partner.

Thanks as well to all of the great companies that have listed job openings on the CrunchBoard job board. We get an email every few days from people saying that they found the perfect job, or perfect candidtate, through the site. That makes us happy.

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