Asono Freebit-H1 Tiny Ergonomic Bluetooth Headset

We’re not sure how ergonomic a thing that goes into your hear has to be, but the stand-out features of this Asono Freebit isn’t in its ergonomics, it’s in its features.

The Freebit-H1 has a 9-hour call time and a 200-hour standby time, which is much greater than similarly small Bluetooth headsets. In fact, that’s one of our main complaints about Bluetooth headsets – the short battery life that dies in the middle of a conversation. If we have to charge it up every day, the headset becomes yet another hassle that we’ll soon dump in favor of just pressing the phone up to our face. Cancer be damned.

Asono’s offering a pre-order on this headset for $104, and expects to ship around November. It also comes with a cradle, an AC adapter, a USB cable and of course, the headset itself.

Product Page [Asono via i4u]