Creative Zen Vision:W Reviewed

Reviewed by Generation MP3, the Zen Vision W seems to be the most watchable video media player we’ve seen yet. Not only that, the negative points are only negative points for a small fraction of users. Let’s explain.

The positive points of the player are its gigantic screen, which is 4.3-inches and plays back WMV/MPEG1/2/4, MJPEG, and DivX 4/5. Not a true DivX qualified device, the player doesn’t handle DivX 6 or XviD files. Nevertheless, the 4.5 hours of video time is more than enough to make up for its limited format support. Other notably great points: its ergonomics, FM tuner, Compact Flash expandability, and removable/replaceable battery.

Its supposed “downsides” are that its Windows XP only, doesn’t support USB host mode, and that there’s no video recording. Not a big deal for a great majority of people who only care about using it to play back audio and video, but there are some who will be disappointed that you can’t drag and drop files in Windows Explorer and you can’t record your TV shows on this thing. Oh, then there’s the Mac fans, but they’re used to being disappointed.

It’s pretty much on par with the CNET review we saw a few weeks ago, where the greatness of its screen and playback outweighs its supposed negatives.

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