Nielsen To Bring Market Ratings to Video Games

You’ve heard of Nielsen Families, but now it’s your chance to become a Nielsen Nerd. The media marketing research group, who uses set-top boxes to see what Americans are and aren’t watching, is launching a new service that will compile similar metrics on video game usage. In theory, this data could be used to determine pricing on advertising within video games.

As these metrics don’t currently exist outside of retail sales, the data can make video games a viable advertising medium, with delineation of what’s popular being the focus in deciding where ad dollars will go. This means games might become cheaper, if you’re willing to deal with virtual billboards.

Exactly how targeted (and thereby effective) this new advertising will be is yet to be seen, of course, but as more and more people turn off the tube in favor of Xbox (or what have you), you can be sure that advertisers will want to be there.

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