Samsung's Ultra-Thin TV

With Samsung, thin is in. Its phones continue to get thinner, but yet they deny any problem. Typical. Now it’s taking its anorexic philosophy to the world of television with its new AMOLED series flat panels.

By using a hybrid of OLED and active matrix LCD technologies, the new screens eliminate the need for a backlight, meaning the largest (and heaviest) part of the screen is gone. The result is a svelt 12mm thick display, suitable for mounting anywhere.

The 1000:1 contrast ratio is a little on the dull side, but that can be increased in short order, we’re willing to guess. In addition, these 17″ demo units would be perfect for large-yet-ultra-portable laptops, for both the thinness and the fact that OLED consumes less energy than backlit LCDs.

We’ve affectionately named this model the Mary Kate. Or the Ashley, we can’t remember.

12mm 17″ Thick OLED TV [AVING news]