Touchscreen iPod: The Saga Continues

I’m really starting to hate all the Apple product guessing that goes on these days. Here is a familiar old favorite, the infamous touchscreen iPod, which is apparently definitely (for reals, yo – Blake) due for release in December of this year. This tidbit comes courtesy of Trusted Reviews (can’t argue with a site with “trusted” in its name) saying it talked to an unnamed person at “a multinational company that develops iPod products and which sport ‘Made For iPod’ accreditation and the info flowed after I questioned the value of one of his company’s new iPod accessories.” This person let slip that a 6G iPod with a touchscreen filling an entire side of the device was on its way to stores by year’s end.

While TR probably did hear what it claims to have heard, I’m calling bullshit on this one. I’ve spoken to a number of multinational “Made for iPod” accessory vendors and Apple has kept them all in the dark about any new products. Also, a December launch makes no sense. It’s too late in the holiday shopping season, unless we’re talking December 1. And I have a hard time believing any accredited vendor would give this info to anyone, because if Apple caught wind I have to believe said accreditation privileges would be terminated.

Touchscreen iPod Comes This December [Trusted Reviews]