ToyQuest Releases PMP/PVR For The Kids

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a Tiger Electronics tent that was set up to showcase all of the new toys coming out this holiday season. They all had a common theme: “Crappy versions of gadgets that adults have and kids want.” The products ranged from a crappy projector to a crappy video-capable MP3 Player. ToyQuest, however, seems to realize that kids deserve the same quality their adult overlords receive.

The RipRoar Video Free, a PMP/PVR boasts a 2.5-inch color screen, five hours of video playback, 512MB internal memory, a SD port, a built-in speaker and a USB port. It can also record from the TV. Another cool feature? You can connect IR blasters up to it so it’ll change the channel to record something. The price? $199. That’s a good enough deal for adults to pick it up for themselves.

RipRoar PMP and PVR from ToyQuest [i4u via Engadget]