uPlayMe Connects You To Your Musical Peers

A new social networking site, uPlayMe, works to help link you to your musical “peers”, a.k.a., people who like the same music you do. You install the software, plug in your iPod/music player and play your music. When it finds a match between the songs you played and the songs someone else played, you’ll both get a notification and be hooked up.

Fairly useful for getting to know people with the same music taste as you, but even more useful when you can ask them for what other bands they like, allowing you to broaden your musical horizons just a little bit and not have to listen to The Shins all the time.

There’s also using it to make friends, and talk about how a band sucks or get a buddy to go to a local concert. Or load up your music library with girly tracks and use it as a way to meet the ladies.

Product Page [uPlayMe via Gadgetell]