Flash Point ShareDrives: For Sharing Mobile Data, We Think

Ever had a file on your USB thumbdrive you’re itching to copy to your friend’s thumbdrive, only to notice there’s no PC present to administer the transfer? Us either, but the people at Flash Point seem to think it’s a problem worth addressing.

Flash Point has launched a combo MP3/thumbdrive/file copy device it’s dubbed a Share Drive. The pocket-sized contraption has male USB on one end and female on the other, and a tiny, tiny color LCD. You plug your thumbdrive into the female end, copy wahtever file you want, then you plug your friend’s flashdrive into the USB port, and copy it to theirs. See? Sort of an escrow service for files.

They work with some cellphones and many memory cards, as well, depending on which model you get. We think what it’s going for here is that we’ll all start carrying these gizmos around instead of the thumbdrives we have now, but at $58.38 for the 512MB version, we don’t see that happening, though it is a neat idea.

Share Drives [Content-heavy website]