Memorex Mi3500 iPod Boombox: Pricey, But Not Bad

Sure, there are lots of iPod boomboxes on the market, and we love them all equally (not really). Take, for example, this new Mi3005 from Memorex (remember them?). Running on a handful of D batteries, this SRS WOW-enhanced, 12W, FM-Tuning, dock-sporting ghetto blaster looks more like a sci-fi prop than a stereo, but that’s OK.

Its speakers are angled up, which is preferred if you put it on the ground, which often happens when you’re, say, outside, on grass (it happens). It ships with a wireless remote, also handy, as even being outdoors we know you’re lazy. And the big topside handle means you don’t have to work to hard to move it around. We likey.

The price is around $100, which we don’t likey. There are cheaper portable sound systems for iPod around, but if you’ve got the change in your couch, the Mi3005, which comes in white or black to match your iPod or mood, is an agreeable choice.

Product Page [Memorex]