Microsoft Announces 100GB HD

Today, at X06: Korea, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a 100GB HD for the Xbox 360. If you own an Xbox 360, you already know that the 20GB HD you received with the premium console (or bought separately) wasn’t even a full 20GB. The new HD is really something Microsoft should have included with the Xbox 360 when it first launched, not something we have to dish out more money for later. It’s peripherals like this, and the HD DVD drive that really justify the price of the Playstation 3.

When you really think about it, the PS3 is actually cheaper. The only difference is that with one console you have to pay all the cash up front, and the other you don’t. The 100GB HD will be due out in March 2007 (no pricing was announced), and hopefully without the 100GB written over the top.

Microsoft Announces 100GB HD [game inside]