Moto's Touchscreen, Linux-Based ROKR E6 Clears FCC, Excites Fanboys

Another day, another slick Moto phone, right?. Sorta. This candy bar Moto is more likely than most to get the fan boys frothing, as it’s totally different, but kinda the same, as the phones Moto has been turning out lately.

It’s similar in that it’s called the ROKR E6, which means it will be a music phone (and it will ROCK). Its looks are very RAZR-esque, right down to the laser etched keypad. But the rest is all new hotness, as it eschews the T9 in favor of a touchscreen and stylus. And instead of the dreadful Motorola “OS,” it’s running a straight up install of Moto’s Linux. This type of setup is common on the Chinese markets, where the phone was first aimed.

If that’s not enough to start your brain wondering, take into consideration the 2 megapixel camera with macro focus, stereo Bluetooth and integrated FM transmitter. Would you like full-sized SD with that? You’ve got it.

We know what you’re thinking, “Thanks, CrunchGear, for showing us another lust-worthy phone that we’ll never see, because we’re not in Asia.” If you promise not to tell anyone, we’ll clue you in to a secret: this information is gleaned from its FCC listing, where it just won approval. Does that mean you’ll see it from your favorite GSM provider anytime soon? Don’t hold our breath, but stranger things have happened (remember the ROKR E1? Neither do we).

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