Personal Soundtrack Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

I live in what could be classified as “a big city,” and every day my journey to work is different. Sometimes I’m early and I get off the El early and walk casually down Michigan Ave. Sometimes, I’m extremely late so I have to walk briskly (because running is so lame) to make it on time. However I get to work, I’ve got my MP3 player firmly planted in my ears. This can sometimes become quite hilarious when I’m late and trying to get to where I’m going as fast as I can and Antonio Carlos Jobim is playing.

Well, if inventor Greg Elliot has his way, this won’t be a problem anymore. He has come up with an MP3 player that measures how fast you’re moving and plays music accordingly. If you’re going quick, it starts playing your Lords of Acid. Slow down and all your Whitney Houston albums’ll get a play. This is a great idea, I just hope he can figure out a way to slim down the contraption, because the prototype is a huge clunky mess.

Personal Soundtrack [Greg Elliot via Shiny Shiny]