"Halo" Film In Turmoil

Not exactly tech, but news that might interest a few of you nonetheless. Variety reports that Universal and Fox have pulled out of the “Halo” film. Sources close to the issue have cited financial squabbles as the root of the studio desertion.

A representative for Peter Jackson, who is producing the film, stated that Universal called a meeting in an attempt to reduce Microsoft’s profit just days before the two studios were to provide initial payment of $5 million. Jackson and pals rejected the reduced offer and the studios exited stage left.

It is rumored that Universal and Fox got cold feet at the prospect of the film costing upward of $200 million, but Jackson’s people deny that sum was ever a possibility, stating that $128 million was the only value ever discussed.

In the meantime, preparation for the film continues and Microsoft is already courting a new distributor for these sure-to-be-blockbuster. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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