Meizu M6 SP – Cheaper, But Still The Same

We’re all fans of the Meizu Miniplayer here, thanks to its iPod Nano-like size and its iPod Video-like functionality. So it’s good news to us that they’ve just released an SP edition of their 1, 2 and 4GB players. The SP edition goes for an average of $30 cheaper than the standard editions, but according to Meizu, the quality is just the same.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Meizu, it’s a flash-based player with MP3 and OGG support for audio and WMV and Xvid support for video. It has a scroll pad instead of a scroll wheel, and a screen that’s just about the same size as the iPod 5G.

These SP editions are only available in the Chinese market as well, so this is just a heads up for when the prices propagate into America.

Meizu [via dapreview]