Nvidia: No Overclocking The G80 For You

Due to too many returns on GeForce 7900 GT, Nvidia is forbidding its partners from overclocking the upcoming G80 cards, according to The Inquirer. The site backs up the report by bringing up how Nvidia locked down overclocking on the dual-GPU 7950 GX2 cards. However, I4U is calling bullshit on it, since its in possession of an overclocked XFX 7950 GX2 XXX.

I have to agree with I4U on this one. There are a number of vendors that make their money on factory-overclocked cards that to cut out the market entirely wouldn’t be the wisest move. Let’s bet on this just being scare tactics from Nvidia so that it can sell more expensive cards with faster clock speeds.

NVIDIA Says No to G80 Overclocking? [I4U via The Inquirer]