Quanta UMPC Prototype Shows Others How It's Done

Now this is more like it. Quanta, the large Taiwanese laptop manufacturer for like, everyone, has developed an ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) I can actually get behind. (Unlike the POS I mentioned this morning.) A first for the company, the prototype UMPC is based on Intel’s Viiv platform, which if true means it could do high-def video playback and 5.1-channel surround sound, have Gigabit Ethernet and RAID support and would have to run on an Intel dual-core CPU. It would also need to run on Windows XP Media Center Edition, contrary to the Windows XP Tablet Edition Ubergizmo is reporting. Doesn’t matter really. It’s just nice to see that someone out there is working on something that looks like its actually worth replacing a laptop with.

Quanta develops UMPC prototype [Ubergizmo]