Sony Delays LocationFree TV

Sony, the company that used to make innovative electronics and now just delays stuff, has today introduced its latest entry into the world of high-tech delays, this time on its LocationFree TV.

Just days after announcing a LocationFree TV client for its own Sony-Ericsson P990, the time-sucking giant announced that the LocationFree TV base station, the hub that the entire LocationFree TV service revolves around, would not be launched next week in Tokyo, as it had promised, so that it can do more testing. The release date has been pushed back until at least November 17.

This is yet another win for Sony in the coveted Trainwreck of Technology market, as its battery recall fiasco and high-profile PlayStation 3 delays make news across the globe. Look for delays with the PSP 2 and new Walkman line early next year.

Sony delays sales of LocationFree TV [MSNBC]