TubePod – The Truly High Fidelity iPod Dock

There are about a gazillion (actual figure) iPod docks out there, and today we bring you one more. This one claims to be different, though. All of those $200-$500 ones can get to stepping, because Sonic Integrity has stepped up the game with their $1,000 TubePod. At this point, the mere fact that there’s not an “i” in front of the name makes it worth the money. But this one is actually a step up from all the others, as well. It has a power output of 13Wx2, frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz (±1.5Db), harmonic distortion of 0.5 percent, and a signal-to-noise ratio 86Db. It even includes a “Brush/Glove for cleaning.” There are only two bookshelf speakers, but we hear that the thing really, REALLY sounds good.

Tube Pod [Product Page]