U-G-L-Y: ago7 UMPC

Generally, I don’t bash products I haven’t seen in person and haven’t used, but it’s ultra mobile PCs like the ago7 that will kill the already small, fragile UMPC market. Will you look at this thing? It needs to be put out of its misery. The reason I’m on the attack this morning is because I received a press release for the ago7 stating it was a new option for “cell phone users seeking more computing power for mobile online activities but wary of clunky laptops.” Are there people actually wary of laptops?

For $799 you get a 1GHz VIA CPU, 512MB of memory, 40GB of storage and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, all running on Windows XP Tablet Edition. I’m fine with all of this. And actually, I’m not offended by the company’s suggestion that you use this UMPC with a Bluetooth phone and a data plan to get Web access from anywhere. What I’m irritated by is that whatever company is responsible for creating the ago7 put absolutely no effort into its appearance. It’s great that you want to give people an afforadable alternative to a ultra-portable notebook, but please don’t put it in a package that can be out-classed by a child’s toy.

ago7 Ultra Mobile Personal Computer [Company site]