Sudoko Toilet Paper: You Know You're Thinking About It

Sudoku toilet paper is exactly what it sounds like: toilet paper with that insanely popular sudoku game on it. So, instead of reading Maxim as you do your ungodly business, you can do math puzzles, provided you keep a pen on the back of your toilet.

And if you do indeed keep a pen there, we’d like to know why, seeing as how you’d never heard of this product before today. Is it to draw moustaches on the pics of Tara Reid in Maxim? Hint: you don’t need to draw it in, just find her after a three day bender when she’s forgotten to visit her salon. Look out, Tom Sellick.

Five dollars a roll seems a little steep, however. No word on its double-quiltedness.

Sudoku Toilet Roll [Paramount Zone, via Shiny Shiny]