Cingular Posts Mystery Phone, Fanboys Go Nuts

Cingular today has launched a newly redesigned website. Gone is that horrid, unfocused, washed out orange-is-the-new-black they were pushing in exchange for a more bluish and white theme. It’s a welcome improvement.

Here’s the fun, though: on Cingy’s homepage, you’ll notice the image above in the flash loop that plays. The attractive young lady in the image is holding a musicphone of some sort. It’s white and a clamshell, but a quick scan of the clamshell musicphones it offers reveals that the phone isn’t on the list. A mystery!

This begs the question: Is it an just a generic phone some unknowing photographer handed the model (unlikely, as it would want you to see real phones it offers in action)? Is it an as-of-yet unreleased phone? And if so, which one?

Line ’em up, kids, let’s play the guessing game. The Cingular forums all over the Internets are buzzing on this one.

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