How to Bypass IE7 Windows Validation

Pssst. Want to install IE7? Maybe you’ve already tried over the weekend, throw up your arms in defeat as Microsoft made it clear that you had to run the dreaded Windows Validation before you could be allowed to install? Have no fear. A guy named Shaon has your back.

With just a few hacked .dll files replacing the real ones from Microsoft, you’ll be able to run IE7 like a pro – or at least a pro who needs IE7 in order to test browser compatibility on his website. A couple warnings though: replacing one .dll file may leave your desktop blank, which then you’ll have to use the command prompt to copy over another version of the file.

Then again, it really is just IE7, so you’ll have to ask yourself whether all this is worth the trouble if you’re going to go back to using FireFox within a day or two.

How to Install IE7 [FMShaon via Lifehacker]